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While enjoying your Disneyland holiday, it would be a shame not to take time out to explore the amazing city of Paris. You are only 32km (20 miles) away from the city centre itself. The Eiffel Tower, the Mammoth Louvre Museum or the wonderful Cathedral of Notre-Dame, are all waiting to be explored.  You also have access to a large choice of excursions available, direct from the Disney Park.

You have the option to enjoy the tours at your own pace or participate in a more organized tour, with experts on hand to guide you round.  Either way, you will see some breathtaking sites and create memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the new organized tours is The Royal Versailles.  This tour takes you to the Palace of Versailles and spectacular gardens, were you can enjoy a walk around. Setting off in the morning on a comfortable travel bus, and returning to Disneyland Paris in the afternoon. While in Paris, you have 4hours of free time which gives you plenty of opportunity to have a good look round this world famous site, which includes Marie-Antoinett's Estate. You also have the benefit of a personal Audio-guide for the palace tour, as well as priority access tickets.

Another popular tour is the Magical Tour of Paris. This leaves from the Hotel New York, and includes a stewardess and a personal audio-guide. It also gives you admission to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower and a relaxing cruise on the river Seine  In addition you can enjoy a tour of all the major Paris attractions.  Again, you have plenty of free time to explore.  Or you may choose to relax and perhaps enjoy a classic afternoon tea, or a classy cocktail or two.

The Paris evening tour also leaves direct from Disney Park. To see Paris at night is truly magical You will soon realise why it's called the city of lights, and is an ideal way to round off an exciting day in the park.  Simply relax on a comfortable coach and see this amazing city go by, all lit up. The whole family will be enthralled.

For those wishing to enjoy the sights of Paris independently, a good option is the one day 'Visit Paris' R A T P travel card this gives you unlimited travel by metro, and bus, directly from Disneyland Paris. This Paris Discovery tour also gives you entry into the Louvre Museum plus a trip down the Seine, and includes lots of information packs to guide you round.

So whichever way you decide to see the sights, find time to see the capitals roster of boutiques, department stores and markets, as well as stunning gardens, green parks and pretty avenues that together to make this beautiful city.

Visit Paris
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