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On entering Disneyland Park the whole family can not fail to be impressed by this magical Kingdom that is Disneyland Paris. With a combination of the main park, The Walt Disney film studios and Disney Village, you will find a great range of things to do -not just the thrill of the main rides. The Park is home to four different lands which are Fantasy-land, Adventure-land, Discovery-land, and Frontier-land, as well as the Main Street U. S. A, where you are transported back to 1900's America. All of your favourite Disney Characters are waiting to meet you.

Fantasy-land lies deep in the heart of Disneyland Park, and here all your favourite fairytales come to life. You can enter Sleeping Beauty's Castle - but watch out for the Sleeping Dragon hiding in the castle dungeon! Or take off on a flight with Peter Pan over the stars into Never Never Land. Or can enjoy non stop flights with Dumbo the flying elephant. There is also a scary forest where you will meet Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. We love the fantastic journey with Pinnochio. Whatever you choose to do you are assured of a magical time.

Adventure-land, another of Disney's themed lands, is set out to resemble remote jungles.  Here you will find the amazing Pirates of the Carrabean attraction.  This fast moving ride lasts for 10 minutes and takes you through a sea storm and "A Town on Fire".  Children will love it.  There is also a high thrill Indiana Jones ride, plus you can visit the tree top home of the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson, with fantastic views at the top. Little ones will enjoy Pirates Beach, a great playground for them, or Adventure Isle, where they can explore secret caves and tunnels.

Discovery-land and Frontier-land also provide lots of exciting rides and adventures, with Discovery-land all themed towards time travel and space travel,and one of the big attractions here is Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, while in Frontier-land you are transported to the Wild West, here you can enjoy the Big Thunder Mountain Train, hurtling up and down mountains at speed,or enjoy a gentle family cruise aboard an authentic paddle steamer. Kids will love playing in the Pocahontas playground, set out as an Indian village. So you can be sure to find something to suit all tastes and ages , in the Disneyland park.

You will find the Disney Village centrally located, giving you a real taste of America, with its boutiques, bars and restaurants. Here you will find Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, a firm favourite with families, or just enjoy a stroll round, taking in all the sight and sounds that the village has to offer. In fact with so much on offer at Disneyland Park, you are going to be spoilt for choice, but what fun you will have choosing! And you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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