Disneyland Paris

Dream Castle Hotel

dream castle hotel disneylandThe Dream Castle Hotel at Disneyland Paris is a unique and charming hotel situated just 8 minutes from Disneyland.

This hotel will really add to your Disney experience as it is decorated with banners and knights and has a real Disney feel about the place.

Surrounded by gardens and a lake the hotel benefits from some beautiful views from the 400 rooms. It is also a very good quality hotel and has plenty of facilities to help you relax and unwind after your day out. You will find a bar within the hotel as well as a steam room, sauna and indoor swimming pool. For the more active, there is a fully equipped gym.

The Dream Castle hotel is recommended for couples and families as it is very close to the park and also has loads of family friendly touches including a children's playground.

The rooms themselves have everything you need to help you enjoy your stay including air con and a mini bar. There is also internet access from the rooms. This hotel is a family friendly hotel recommended for a memorable Disneyland holiday.

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